Ocean's story

Becoming a new mom is very daunting. Where do you start; What products are worth buying; What is safe for my baby? Motherhood is full of endless questions and here with Ocean’s Home I have looked to form a guide! Our selection of products are aimed to be eco-conscious, safe for your little ones, modern and trendy, and everyday life-savers that you will be reaching for!

Mama & Baby

Hi! I am Ocean's Mom!

Starting a family was not an easy journey for myself, so being pregnant with Ocean I wanted to make sure I did everything 'right'. I felt I needed to buy EVERYTHING! And in reality I still am yet to use about 60 percent of it. As you can tell from the shop theme, I upkeep a modern and neutral aesthetic in my home and was looking for products that were playful and fun but matched this look. That's when I discovered a whole new world of baby products and trusted brands that I felt were perfect for myself and Ocean! I would have friends and new moms ask me about what I was using and that's when I decided - aha! Let's share this online and create the store.

So we hope you find everything you need under our virtual roof and thank you for the support!


Oceans' Mama